Friday, October 01, 2010

Family Update 10 October 2010

It’s hard to believe that fall is upon us and we are preparing for the holiday season once again. Believe it or not the kids have already had their Fall Break at school and are eagerly looking forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Melisa and I have repeated wondered aloud “where did 2010 go”? I wish I knew! What
a year it has been so far!

With my limited vacation time this year, we are undecided about how and where we will be spending the holidays. At the time of this writing, we still haven’t gotten around to sitting down with a calendar and figuring it all out. Who knows, we may decide to stay home and let folks know that they are welcome to come to Woodstock if they would like to see us. Not a bad idea if I do say so myself. Still, we do need to get that figured out.

Both Joshua and Hannah are doing exceptionally well in school and better still they both enjoy learning. As you would expect I am rather biased but I couldn’t be more proud of them. Learning seems to come easily for them. I hope this continues to be the case as they grow. Joshua is continuing with scouting and is now a first-year Webelo. It looks like there will be some camping in my immediate future as he is not yet old enough to go with a parent. Somehow I’m not seeing Melisa out in the woods for the weekend. Hannah, not to be left out is a Brownie this year. I’m not exactly what they do but I am looking forward to the cookies! She just celebrated her 8th birthday but you would think she just turned 20!

My how they grow so fast...

I am about to begin my 10th class as I work towards the MRE I began nearly two years ago. Upon completing this class I will be at the halfway point in my studies. It’s hard to believe and so much has happened since that Sunday in the fall of 2008. I can certainly tell the difference in my studies since our prayers were answered and a job was provided for me. A return to more reasonable work hours has been huge. I am also appreciating the wisdom of taking a break earlier this year to put the books down and recharge the batteries.

Melisa is doing GREAT! She has been making some changes that have resulted in dropping a few pounds and exercising regularly. I said in a previous post that she has been an inspiration to me and she surely has. Like her, I am doing a much better job of watching what I eat and have dropped a few pounds myself. Next is getting back on the treadmill and then maybe even hitting the gym again. It’s been a lot of years since I spent any time in a gym but maybe the time has come. Like most things, the most difficult part is getting started.

As my regular readers can tell my blogging has increased and I will likely end the year with somewhere around a hundred posts this year. The blog is getting a lot more traffic these days for which I am grateful. I am also following a lot of other blogs and am really enjoying the blogosphere. There are so many talented people sharing their faith with the world and as the statistics from my own blog indicate, there are many, many people across the world interested in what others have to say. I hope my own posts have been helpful to those who visit this site. I am grateful for the comments made on the site and sent to me via e-mail. Your encouragement is a blessing.

Finally, please keep the Mendoza family in your prayers. My dear friend Mel (Las Cruces NM) lost his mother last week suddenly. My heart aches for this precious family during this time of grief. We were last with Mel and his family earlier this year for his wedding to Janessa where we were able to share their joy with Mel and Janessa’s families. Both Melisa and I wish we could be there with them now to share their tears. We pray the Comforter be with them during this difficult time.

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Freida Casey said...

Loved your update. Your blog is so colorful. I remember when my boys were in cub scouts and my girls were brownies. I worked in both groups. I even went camping with the girl scouts and took my boys along. I was the First Aid Person.

We are getting excited about our Children's Sunday School Christmas Program. Dawn is writing a script for it and the kids will be acting out each phase of the Christmas story.

Glad things are going well for you and your family.

Love in Christ,