Monday, November 15, 2010

A Matter of Trust: Part 4


When it comes to placing our trust in men or in wealth, we see in this Old Testament Scripture that neither is to be trusted in. Now we’re back to what I’ll call the “duh” question but I have to ask: who can we place our trust in? Of course we will all say God! That is the obvious answer but for so many people it isn’t obvious at all! Why is that? Many misunderstand the power of God to work through history to affect His creation. David understood the power of God because he had seen it throughout his life (e.g. chosen of God according to the prophet Samuel, defeating Goliath, etc.).

So why is all of this a matter of trust? Clearly David knew he could completely trust God for all of his needs because he had seen god’s power in his life. How do we know we can trust God to be our rock and our refuge and our salvation? Why have I spent our time in this study talking about why we should trust God? Throughout Scripture we find example after example of God’s power. Perhaps one of my readers has experienced God’s power in a personal way such as through healing. We should trust God to be merciful and extend grace to us and all of the other things I just mentioned because He has the power to do so!

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