Saturday, December 04, 2010

Washington DC Just Doesn't Get It

My regular readers know I don't hit politics very often but I have a brief rant I need to get out of my system. Please indulge me!

The recent election cycle having just ended, you would think we would be free from the constant barrage from the politicians in the media. Alas, even the holiday season cannot stop the partisanship and jockeying for position in the public consciousness. Christmas is almost upon us and Republicans and Democrats are content to squabble rather publically.

Ladies and gentlemen in the Congress, clearly you did not get the message from the recent election. Please allow me to clarify a few things for you!

We the people are sick of the business as usual approach you have insisted on adhering to for decades. We are tired of you being opposed to an idea simply because it came from a member of the other party. We are tired of gridlock and nothing meaningful getting done. You spend far too much money and yet can’t do the simple math that American families do each month to ensure the bills get paid. This kitchen table math isn’t really complicated. Don’t spend more than you have and don’t borrow money unless you absolutely have to. Politicians at the state and local levels seem to understand this. However, there is a mysterious illness that inflicts those who are elected to the US Congress.

I am eager for the next several election cycles to come. I am hopeful that a trend was started in the 2010 midterms that sees more and more incumbents sent home and replaced with new politicians who are actually listening to the will of the American people. The only way to change the political discourse in Washington DC is to change the people. If we must endure the seemingly endless barrage of political hogwash from our nation’s capital then let us do so with an eye to the next group of career politicians that will be replaced in 23 months!


misslynda said...

Amen, Brother, Amen!!! I especially like what you said about we shouldn't oppose an idea just because it came from the other party. Let's see if it has merit - - - - and even little children know that we can have more fun when we play together. If you can't get along, you get sent to "time out".

Gorges Smythe said...

I've always said that those who are most attracted to power are the least fit to have it.