Monday, January 10, 2011

Johnny Hunt Men's Conference

Join us for a 2011 Johnny Hunt Men's Conference!

If you don't already have tickets, there is still time to get them before the 19th Annual Johnny Hunt Men's Conference. This year's theme is The Distraction of Attraction

You can choose to attend January 28th - 29th or February 4th - 5th. The conferences I have attended in the past have been a tremendous blessing and I am sure this year will be as well. For me, Johnny's lessons are always the highlights but I would be remiss if I didn't mention how informative the various breakout sessions are. Since I live so close to FBC Woodstock, I am able to double up on the breakouts...very cool for me! I am planning on attending Allan Taylor's breakout Friday night (topic: The Three Great Deceptions) and Wes Moore's on Saturday morning (topic: No Growth = Dying: Guaranteed Strategies to Rebirth your Church).

The men from my church are attending the February dates. If you will be there in February, maybe we'll see each other in a breakout session!


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