Saturday, May 07, 2011

Family Update 7 May 2011

Things have been kind of quiet here at the blog lately! I have been diligently working on the course work for my current seminary class. The class concludes this coming week and I am feeling good about the grade I anticipate earning. I am excited about taking classes this summer as well. My long time readers will recall I took summer 2010 off from school to recharge my batteries and focus on what was at the time my new job. Well, this summer will be different with me taking a Small Group Ministries class and a Church Administration class. My books were delivered a few days ago and I should be able to get into the class early next week to get my first syllabus. Summer 2011 will be more hectic than last year but I am really looking forward to it!

I received an e-mail last week asking for permission to use some material from the blog in a training class. I must say I was flattered and of course gave permission to use the materials. I have been tracking the statistics for the site for some time but was unaware of how the Lord may be using my posts to further His Kingdom. As I was thinking through my modest blogging efforts I was reminded of Colossians 3:23-24.

For those of you who were not aware, I did not make my planned trip to India. Much prayer went into the decision and ultimately I came to the realization that while I may have a heart for that trip, it was not being planned in the Lord’s time. As such, I decided to remain in the US and wait for His timing for a foreign mission trip. I called the airline and was stunned to learn that my flight had been cancelled and my non-refundable ticket would be refunded in full. Praise to God is all I can say about that!

My kids are looking forward to the end of another school year and spending the summer in Mississippi with their grandparents. It does my heart good to know they all enjoy spending time with each other. My in-laws are wonderful folks and it is such a blessing to have them so close to the kids. They will also be participating in Vacation Bible School at my in-laws home church. This is the church Melisa and I were married in nearly 13 years ago so it is really neat for me to see them growing in their faith in such a special church.

Melisa is doing well and is preparing to run the Peachtree Road Race. Since she made the commitment to a healthier lifestyle, the entire family has been impacted in a very positive way. She is closer than ever to her fitness goal and now I am working on my own going to the gym every morning to workout at 5:30 a.m. Running is something that causes me a bit of pain in my knees and lower back but I have discovered the pool and bikes at the gym offer a fantastic cardio workout and are great alternatives. I’m doing pretty good for a middle-aged man!

A few days ago the blog surpassed 16,000 visitors since last July. Thank you! I am overwhelmed by the traffic and my wife is urging me to become even more active in the blogosphere. I am not sure about all of that but it is encouraging to know that there are visitors from all over the world stopping by to check things out. Again, I am amazed at how the Lord is working in my life.

I will conclude by letting everyone know that I have just received a copy of Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins. For those who follow such things, Bell’s book has kicked up a lot of controversy and has led many to call Bell a Universalist. Well, I am one who believes in becoming informed and making my own decision so I will be reading Bell’s book and will write a detailed review for the blog. I will approach this with an open mind but have to admit that I have already read some other reviews and listened to interviews with Bell. I am looking forward to the comments of my readers once I get that little project complete.

Thank you for your continued support!