Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cherokee County GA Graduations Held in a Church

Congratulations to the Class of 2011! You have reached a major milestone in your lives and you have every reason to be proud of your accomplishment. Many of you will be heading off to college in the fall while others will seek employment or consider military service. Regardless of your future plans, now is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished. Enjoy this time, things only get more difficult from here on out!

All five high schools in Cherokee County GA (my county of residence) held their graduations ceremonies at First Baptist Church Woodstock in spite of having been threatened with legal action by the liberal Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a Washington D.C. based organization. The county says the facilities, which seat 7,500, are the best value for the county costing only $2,000 to hold all 5 graduation ceremonies. The size of the facility allows students to invite an unlimited number of family and friends. AU contends using the church facilities amounts to government endorsing religion and is awaiting the outcome of similar cases in other parts of the country before deciding whether or not to pursue legal action against Cherokee County.

For my part, I am pleased that the county officials voted to move forward with the graduations at the church. Holding the ceremonies at the church certainly provides the county with the best value which is good stewardship of the taxpayer's dollars. Further, a comparable facility would cost around $40,000 and does not exist in the county. I could go on but will refrain other than to applaud the courage of Cherokee County officials for listening to their constituents on this issue. Bravo!

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