Sunday, February 12, 2012

Johnny Hunt Men's Conference 2012 Review

A small group of men from our church attended the 20th Johnny Hunt Men's Conference this weekend. I was amazed at the presence of over 6,000 men coming together to worship the Lord and grow deeper in His word. Of course, the folks at First Baptist Church Woodstock did an incredible job hosting the conference. That this would be the case was never in question. The love they always show guests regardless of the event is a huge blessing and is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting their campus. For my readers who are not aware of this, my family and I live just a few short miles from this church.

Johnny Hunt is an excellent expositor of the Word and is always a joy to hear preach. He also is not afraid to tackle the tough issues of our day when he brings a message from God's word. The breakout sessions I attended were amazing! A special mention to Allan Taylor for the "Thinking Like a Disciple of Jesus Christ" breakout session Friday night. Far too many of us fail to think like a disciple in our everyday lives! Allan reminded those attending his sessions of the importance of doing so.

Planning is already underway for the 2013 Men's Conference at FBCW. I am already planning on attending! For those men who visit my blog and are close enough to attend I encourage you to consider making the trip to Woodstock GA. It is an amazing experience that will I am confident you will find rewarding.

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