Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston: A Few Thoughts

The funeral service for pop star Whitney Houston has come and gone and the world gathered to remember her music, celebrate the accomplishments in her career, and talk about the comeback that was in the works but was not to be. The Houston family was gracious and allowed a single camera into the church where the funeral service took place and for a brief period of time, there were no attacks against those who follow Christ. In fact, in her final act Whitney Houston brought America to church for a few hours.

Missing from the conversation is just how far Whitney strayed from her Christian faith. My friend Ray Carroll mentions how there will be much written about Whitney in the coming days. No doubt he is correct! Whitney strayed far from the things of God as her well documented troubles have attested. But that is not the point of this blog. Her troubles will be discussed at length by others and I shall not add my voice to what will likely be a rather loud chorus.

In the last video recording of Whitney “performing” she sings part of Jesus Love Me. Regardless of how far she strayed from the faith of her youth, Whitney Houston was certain that Jesus loved her! Though she was weak and ill, Jesus loved her. That we might all, including Whitney, be free from sin, Jesus bled and died on a tree. Yes, Jesus loves Whitney Houston. And He loves me too. We cannot be certain of the salvation of another, only our own. So, are you as certain of your standing before Holy God as Whitney Houston was?

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