Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston: A Few Thoughts

The funeral service for pop star Whitney Houston has come and gone and the world gathered to remember her music, celebrate the accomplishments in her career, and talk about the comeback that was in the works but was not to be. The Houston family was gracious and allowed a single camera into the church where the funeral service took place and for a brief period of time, there were no attacks against those who follow Christ. In fact, in her final act Whitney Houston brought America to church for a few hours.

Missing from the conversation is just how far Whitney strayed from her Christian faith. My friend Ray Carroll mentions how there will be much written about Whitney in the coming days. No doubt he is correct! Whitney strayed far from the things of God as her well documented troubles have attested. But that is not the point of this blog. Her troubles will be discussed at length by others and I shall not add my voice to what will likely be a rather loud chorus.

In the last video recording of Whitney “performing” she sings part of Jesus Love Me. Regardless of how far she strayed from the faith of her youth, Whitney Houston was certain that Jesus loved her! Though she was weak and ill, Jesus loved her. That we might all, including Whitney, be free from sin, Jesus bled and died on a tree. Yes, Jesus loves Whitney Houston. And He loves me too. We cannot be certain of the salvation of another, only our own. So, are you as certain of your standing before Holy God as Whitney Houston was?


Gorges Smythe said...

I've always said that there will be some real jerks in heaven (though they won't be jerks any longer) and that hell will be full of "nice guys." That often draws puzzled looks from those who are unsaved (and from a few that ARE). However, God doesn't quit loving us if we're not perfect (as you pointed out), and being "nice" isn't enough to keep you out of hell, if you haven't accepted Jesus as your savior. Besides, God (unlike us) sees the hearts of those "jerks," and other people may consider US to be the jerks!

BTW, please consider disabling word verification if you can and moderate your comments, instead.

Judy said...

Hi Chris,

I watched Whitney Houston's funeral yesterday from beginning to end. It was a powerful testimony of God's great mercy, compassion, and glory.

Whitney may have had a very dark period of drug and alcohol addiction, but I wouldn't assume that strayed far from her faith as you mention. In most TV interviews in the past and recent past, Whitney expressed her belief in Jesus Christ. She mentioned Jesus, that she prays, and that Jesus loved her.

Because of this I knew deep down that she was a believer and loved God. Her funeral, or homegoing service, served as a testimony to her faith and her upbringing as a Christian. However, I do have questions. I question why she wasn't delivered from her addictions since she had such a close walk with God.

Please visit my blog by clickingWhitney. I wrote a devotional/article about Whitney's funeral and what we all can learn. Please enjoy. Take care.


Chris Sanchez said...

Great to hear from you Gorges! I thought comment moderation was enabled and that word verification was disabled. I will review the settings and correct them.

I am a firm believer of the perseverance of the saints (once saved always saved). While Whitney may have strayed from living the Christian life, I believe she is in glory with Christ now. Some will question this but I suppose we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Chris Sanchez said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! Your thoughts are much appreciated. Respectfully, Whitney did stray from the faith though it might be more accurate to say she strayed from living out that faith. It is said that actions speak louder than words. If that it so, there is scant evidence of her faith in the latter years of her public life. We know now from many close to her that she read her Bible and prayed daily. Some will question those assertions as self-serving though I am certainly not among them.

I have not questioned her faith in Christ. Quite the contrary, I have stated my belief that she is now with the Savior. I also made an observation that many have made based on the life we in the public were allowed to see. Her battle with addiction lead to what we consider a premature homegoing.

The Houston family is in mourning but they are to be commended for ensuring God was glorified as the world remembered the life and career of Whitney Houston.

Chris said...

I am so glad that we serve a God of love and mercy and forgiveness. That He loves us in spite of our flaws. No person upon the earth is perfect. It is a shame that Ms. Houston's flaws will be flaunted before millions instead of her many merciful acts of kindness and expressions of God's love. No matter how far a person strays, you can't grow up in church and not have a lump in your throat upon hearing "There's Power In The Blood". There are a million reminders each and every day of God's love for us. It is my prayer that the watching world will view these events as an opportunity to draw closer to Him.....

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

I really need to be honest here. With all respect God is not mocked. We have all been given free choice. Whitney Houston like others made a choice to do exactly as she pleased. There were unfortunate consequences to some of her actions. We do not know how she died, and it is also wrong of us to presume she is in heaven (if that's what you believe) because Jesus loves us all. How many times have I read the passages in the bible when many will cry 'Lord, Lord, didn't we do this and that' , and Jesus told them to get away from him as he didn't know them?

It's not just about what you say, it's about how you live your life. Said in respect.