Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Theology of Missions: Part 3 - The Nature of God and Mission

The Nature of God and Mission
        What has been demonstrated thus far is the fact that God works through people to accomplish His purposes. This is accomplished though the sending of His people. It is from this sending that we get the Latin term misseo Dei which means “the sending God”.[1] The central idea here is that God is the one who initiates and sustains mission. This term refutes the idea that the church is the center of mission and is, at best, God’s partner in accomplishing His goals.[2]

        As those being sent into the world to proclaim the gospel, the irreplaceable task of the church is to share the gospel and persuade all the people of the world to become disciples of Jesus Christ.[3] These new disciples ought to be reflecting in their lives, speech, and service the dimensions of the Kingdom of God which was proclaimed to them. As previously discussed, the second coming of is related to this missions effort.[4]

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