Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Theology of Missions: Part 6 - Conclusion

        For the missionary, it should be comforting to know that the Bible itself is a missional book. A missional reading of the Bible is, therefore, necessary to understand God’s plan for Israel and the world. The hard work and years invested on the mission field will not have been in vain. As leaders in local churches, it is critically important to understand mission theology and that God is mission-oriented. 
        If God is mission-oriented, then the church should be as well. It is up to the leadership in local churches large and small to bring this understanding to our congregations. Through this understanding, the laity in our pews will not only appreciate the efforts of those on the mission field but are far more likely to enthusiastically support with their time and treasure.
        How can the people of the world believe in the living God unless they have heard about him? And how will they hear about Him unless someone goes to where they are and tells them about the living God (Rom. 10:14)? It is through the contemporary church joining hands with those who went before us in continuing the efforts to reach the world for Christ.

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