Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Announcement: New Blogging Opportunity

I love blogging!  Most people who know me know this about me and are often very kind and visit my site to see what I have been on about lately.  Generally I write about theological topics from the perspective of the Baptist tradition but I also occasionally write about the economy, politics, and even social issues though always from a Christian worldview.  Sometimes people even leave comments on my blogs for which I am truly grateful!  I continue to be amazed at how small the world seems with the connectivity of the Internet.

Well, I have some news to share!  Some of my regular readers are already aware that I have recently begun writing a weekly blog for the Marietta Daily Journal and those articles are also being carried by the Cherokee Tribune much to my pleasant surprise.  My topics there are more focused on current events yet retain the Christian worldview you have come to expect from me on this site. 

Like I said, I love blogging!  I am blessed to have this opportunity and am eager to see where this may lead.  The Lord knows but I can’t deny being excited this development in my life and the endless possibilities.  Of course, I will continue to blog here as you have come to expect.  Though the blogosphere is much more crowded today than when I began in 2007, I am very blessed to have readers from all over the world!   

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