Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Sanchez Family: 9/7/2013 Update

Wow!  It has been two months since I posted anything here.  My regular readers know that is a bit unusual to say the least.  That doesn’t mean I have not been busy writing though.  My studies have consumed most of my time not spent with my family or working in my secular employment.  What little time is left is spent serving The HopeQuest Ministry Group and serving in my church.  As is normal for our family, everyone is quite busy!  I will do my best to get back to a more normal blogging schedule.

I have completed my first of three classes I am enrolled in this semester at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I knew I would be challenged but maybe didn’t expect to be quite this challenged.  I knew I would meet some great people but I didn’t expect the members of my cohort to be amazing!  Oh what men of God each one is (no ladies in our particular cohort but there are several in the cohort in front of us...I’m told that varies).  So far, amazing professors too!  I am really excited about the next two years at this place as we grow and are prepared for what God has planned for each of our lives.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention generously supports the six seminaries of our convention which helps to hold the cost of seminary education down.  The normal tuition for the Ed.D program is $24,900 however the discounted rate for members of SBC churches is $14,900.  This is a tremendous blessing yet the costs that remain are quite significant including tuition, books, travelling and lodging expenses to/from campus, fees, etc.  Please prayerfully consider supporting my journey financially.  If you feel so led, a donation in support of this educational journey can be sent to:

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Attention: Accounting
2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40280
In the memo field of your check, please include:
For Christopher Sanchez’s EdD Tuition S. I. 211863

If you choose to make a donation, thank you!  Please know that I know all too well that I do not deserve such blessings. 

Joshua and Hannah are doing fabulous!  Joshua brought home straight A’s and is doing very well in middle school.  The transition seems to suit him and he has even decided to give band a try!  Hannah, also a straight A student, brought home her invitation to join the Junior Beta Club.  Needless to say, Melisa and I are so very proud of both of them.  They are growing up so fast!

Speaking of Melisa, she is on track to complete 5 of the classes in her Ph.D. program (Industrial and Organizational Psychology).  She is making good grades (of course) and usually enjoying her studies.  As those who know us both might expect, we get into some interesting discussions.  She can still manage to stay up super late and write papers whereas I have found I simply cannot do that anymore.  After 15 years of marriage, she continues to amaze me!

For those who are not aware, our family moved to First Baptist Church Woodstock early this year.  Melisa and I have found places of service and absolutely love the church and her ministries.  It has been a real blessing to sit under the preaching ministry of Pastor Johnny Hunt.  Having been a regular at his men’s conferences for years now, becoming a part of the congregation holds a special place for me.  Also, we have landed in an awesome Sunday School class at 8:00 a.m. led by Allan Taylor.  To say we feel like this is home at FBCW would be an understatement!  We would love to have you join us some Sunday for a visit (message me!).

As always, I covet your prayers!  If you would continue to keep my family in prayer, especially Melisa’s and my studies and our children I would be eternally grateful.  I appreciate the continued support of the blog as well.  Keeping fresh content coming is no small task and the encouragement to do so means a great deal to me.

Donec orbis audit!


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