Saturday, February 21, 2015

Update - February 21, 2015

Since being accepted into the Doctor of Education program at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary back in 2013, my blogging has certainly slowed to what is best described as a slow crawl.  In many ways to say I have been too busy is a poor excuse not to do something I enjoy so much.  On the other hand, there is more going on than just higher education!  I suppose it is time for a thorough update for my regulars!

Since I have already mentioned school, I suppose I should begin there.  A few weeks ago, I successfully completed comprehensive exams and defended my research prospectus.  The prospectus was approved pending changes.  I submitted those changes earlier this week!  Having completed coursework and arrived at this milestone, I am now officially a doctoral candidate.
A couple of things on that: first, it is through the grace of God that I have arrived at this milestone in my studies!  I give Him all of the praise for providing clarity of thought, arranging my schedule in a way that allowed me the necessary time to study, and providing the energy I needed to get through days when I received little sleep the night before due to working on something related to my studies.  Second, my wife and family have been the most loving, understanding, supportive, and encouraging people a man could possibly ask for!  Studies such as these are difficult (for good reason) and I am so blessed to have them as part of my support!  There is still the matter of executing the research I have proposed but I have an amazing advisor and am confident that the next six months will be fruitful as I work towards completing my work.

My wife is working on here own higher education goals pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  She is about halfway through her program and roughly eighteen months behind me in terms of graduation.  I am amazed when I watch we doing her schoolwork.  It seems to come so easily for her whereas I have to spend a lot of time reading, re-reading, studying, contemplating, etc. before I can manage to get much of substance accomplished.  For those of you who know her that comes as no surprise! 

Both Joshua and Hannah are doing well in school.  Each will be moving up to a new school in the next school year and so as this academic year barrels towards a fast and furious finale, they are both already beginning to look ahead towards the exciting new challenges that will await them in the fall.  Like most kids, they are in a hurry to grow up too quickly yet there is so much of my wife and I that I see in them each day.  I couldn’t be more proud of the young people that are and who they are growing to be.  Onward towards middle school and high school!

Last summer I was nominated for deacon service in our church.  The process is very detailed and quite thorough.  I had a peace about the entire process as I went through it seeking simply to honor God however our local church might seek to use me in our shared ministry together.  In September, I was ordained to deacon ministry where I will serve a three-year term consistent with the polity of our congregation.  To say I am humbled suffices only because I have no other words that describe my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

This brings me to the last thing I wanted to share with you.  On March 22, 2015 First Baptist Church Woodstock will be licensing me to gospel ministry.  Again, I am humbled beyond words.  The journey our lives have taken since we returned to Georgia in 2008 is amazing!  We could not have predicted the path the Lord had chosen for us nor could we have understood why He placed certain people in our lives at specific points along the way.  The journey is not yet concluded but we have a pretty good idea which direction we are to follow.

As always I covet your prayers and promise I will be more active in the blogosphere in 2015!